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Top rated sites get more traffic. They get listed on the Top Rated page. This increases the traffic which will get the page onto the What's Cool page which in turn will generate more traffic.

You can increase the rating of your site by putting a voting form directly on your site. This lets visitors to your site vote more easily. To add this ability, just copy the following HTML code and paste it in your homepage.

<!-- Begin SEE Kayak Rating Form -->
	<form action="" method="POST">   
        <input type=hidden name="ID" value="#ID#">
        <p><strong>Please rate this site between one and ten, with ten being tops for the <a href="">SEE Kayak directory</a>.</strong></p>  
            <p><select name=rate>
               <input type=submit value="Rate this Site">
<!-- End SEE Kayak Rating Form -->

You will need to replace the #ID# in the above code with the SEE Kayak ID number. To find out what the ID number of your site is, move your cursor over the link to your site in the SEE Kayak listing. The URL should show up in the message window of your browser which looks something like "". The ID number is shown in bold here as 2. Replace the #ID# in the above HTML with a 2 so the line of code looks like:

<input type=hidden name="ID" value="2">

When you have added this code to your page it should get something that looks like this:

Please rate this site between one and ten, with ten being tops for the SEE Kayak directory.

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